History 17 Bishop Moshi.jpg (33936 bytes) During the times of the first Lutheran Bishop on Kilimanjaro, Bishop Moshi, the teachers at the bible school in Mwika up the Kilimanjaro got the idea to use the radio to proclame the Gospel to all the people in Tanzania. 
History 11 office studio building.jpg (81398 bytes) Since the road down from Mwika was realy muddy during rainy season Bishop Moshi assisted them to build a studio in Moshi.
Addis Abeba Transmittersite 1.jpg (282458 bytes) The programmes got aired from the big short wave Station in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia build by the Lutheran World Federation.
History 15 OB Van.jpg (106013 bytes) History 18 children.jpg (542194 bytes)

Recording with the first OB-Van and children listening on the radio

History 10 handing over studio key.jpg (87242 bytes) Director Fred Baglo handing over the key to the first Tanzanian Director Amos Lymo

Bottom: producing the programmes on the mixer

History 4 programme production.jpg (64013 bytes) History 9 mixing console.jpg (118221 bytes)
Bishop Zephania Gunda took over 1971-1972
Magogo.jpg (29194 bytes) Then Pastor Magogo got director.
Dir Macha.jpg (6899 bytes) Pastor Macha took over.

The Lutheran World Federation sponsored a new car and mixing console!

Watch a video of the time the mixer got exchanged

Here you can see a filmteam (ZDF) making a movi at the Kidia transmitter site:

Nechi Lymo mixer.jpg (106969 bytes) Mbunge mixing console.jpg (127547 bytes) Mbunge na Watumishi.jpg (153115 bytes)
Dir Calvin Lyaro.jpg (30217 bytes) Clvin Lyaro made the transition from the short wave programmes to high quality FM Programmes for the ELCT in Tanzania.

Watch a video how childen reporters make a program

Dir Philemon.jpg (73865 bytes) Philemon Marc Fihavango is the present director of the Lutheran Radio Centre.

Watch a video of 50 years ELCT celebration