LRC offers the following services:

  • Conusltancy in Mass Communication
  • Conusltancy in Radio Operations
  • Installation and maintanance of radio transmitters
  • Selling:
    • cards for FM greetings
    • T-shirts advertiing LRC
    • empty cassettes
    • cassettes with choirs sang since year 1964
    • Radio programmes on CD as .MP3 files or as play out on cassette tapes.
    • Videos produced on VCD, VHS cassettes, or CDs as .MPG files to be played on Computer.
    • Adverting business
    • Recording music
    • Preparing 'audio collections' for individual,business, and organizational needs
    • Preparing adverts
    • Airing 'live'radio prorgammes
    • Airing 'radio prorgammes' at a request of an individual, Church, Government, or an organization
    • Prepare websites for individual, Church, business, or an organization



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